ALABAMA (WHNT) – 2023 Super Bowl is almost here. If you’re looking for some family-friendly activities to help you enjoy the big game, Babypalooza has some ideas.

Founder Ceclia Pearson says there are many ways to create DIY football fun and many of those activities can be their Pintrest page.

Pearson says families can create Super Bowl-themed decor, arts and crafts, games and kid-friendly snacks.

Super Bowl decor can include paper chains, flags, and using construction paper to cut out team jerseys. Different craft projects could include downloadable coloring pages and designs that can be cut and glued to Popsicle sticks.

“This is even helping your children with some skill sets. You know, they’ve got to use their little motor skills to put things together,” Pearson said.

Families can make decor and crafts on game day or ahead of time.

There are many games families can play as they watch the Super Bowl. Pearson says there are downloadable Super Bowl bingo cards. Families can also organize football-themed scavenger hunts for kids. 

“You can either hide football-related items around the inside or the outside of the house and have them look for it while you watch the game,” Pearson said.

She says kids can also work on crossword puzzles or even play football or catch outside Sunday evening. 

“Children have a lot of energy so they’re not going to be able to sit down and pay attention to the game like you guys are. So, planning ahead and having some activities for them to do during the game is going to be very important,” Pearson reminded.

She says the Super Bowl is one of many events throughout the year that families can use to bond over shared experiences. Creating crafts, decor or playing games is a way for families to do something together.

“Children just really want to spend time with you,” she explained. “I love when you do these things with your children because you have these conversations and get to know each other instead of everybody just being in their own rooms or being in front of a video game. You’re doing it together and it kind of creates this excitement of you know, we’re doing something as a family.”