BBB warns of political scams

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala – Elizabeth Garcia from the Better Business Bureau spoke with Michelle Stark about a political scam that you need to be aware of.

You might want to think twice if you receive a call from someone claiming to political pollster. As the Presidential campaign continues to heat up, so will calls from telemarketers and robo-calls with a political bent. Scammers will certainly try to take advantage of consumers.

Just when you thought that you were safe from such calls if you enrolled in the Do-Not-Call registry, the reality is, political calls are exempt from abiding by this list. Bogus opinion pollers will try to get personal information from you such as your Social Security Number or a credit card number, under the guise of verifying that you are a registered voter.

They may try to ply you with the promise of a prize at the end of the poll. After conducting the poll, they may transfer you to another operator who will offer you a “free” vacation package. Beware, the travel package is anything but free. The operator may also ask you to make a donation to a specific political party or political action committee.

Keep the following tips in mind to help avoid election campaign headaches:

1. Legitimate polling companies will never offer prizes for participating in a telephone survey.
2. Legitimate polling companies should never ask you for your Social Security Number or credit card number.
3. If you`d like to give to a political campaign or charity, find contact information yourself and don`t give financial information to an unsolicited caller. Requesting a callback number is no guarantee you will be connected with a legitimate campaign fundraising committee. Call or visit candidates` websites to get contact information to make a donation.                                                                                                                                    4. Also, be sure to research any organization that does political or any other kind of fundraising. You can start your search at

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