Alabama – October is Sudden Infant Death Awareness Month. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Sudden unexpected infant deaths include sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), accidental suffocation in a sleeping environment, and other deaths from unknown causes. There are about 3,400 sudden unexpected infant deaths (SUID) in the United States each year. The infants who die are less than a year old and there is no immediately obvious cause of death. 

According to the federal health agency, in 2020, there were about 1,389 deaths due to SIDS, about 1,062 deaths due to unknown causes, and about 905 deaths due to accidental suffocation and strangulation in bed.

The owner of Babypalooza, Cecilia Pearson, says there are ways to create a safe sleeping environment for babies. She says those include breastfeeding if possible, having a firm mattress and bare crib, putting a baby on their back to sleep, and dressing a baby appropriately so they don’t overheat. She says it’s OK to share your room with a baby, but not your bed. The tips from Babypalooza are very similar to the advice provided from the CDC.