BBB warns of Prize Scams

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The Better Business Bureau of North Alabama warns consumers of prize notification scams.  Beware of someone claiming you have been selected as a winner of their lottery and then requires you to send payment in order to receive your prizes.
One of the most highly reported scams by North Alabama residents are calls from someone claiming to represent Publisher`s Clearing House. Another common scam phone call comes from phone numbers with an 876 area code, which is a Jamaican area code, that claim you have won either money or a car.
Publishers Clearing House (PCH) reports that they do not call anyone to notify them that they`ve won money. If you’ve won less than $600 they will mail you a check. If you’ve won between $601 and $10,000.00, an affidavit is mailed, which must be completed and returned, and after the information has been verified, a check is sent by mail to the winner. If you’ve won more than $10,000.00, the prize patrol delivers the money in person.

You can reach the PCH fraud hot line at 800-392-4190 if you receive a suspicious call from anyone claiming to represent their company.
To help you avoid any scams claiming that you have won something, remember that you can`t win a contest you didn`t enter, and you should never pay in order to receive a prize.

Call the BBB Consumer Action line at (256) 850-0719 for more information.