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News 19 launched a new newscast at 9 p.m. on North Alabama’s CW, so you can get your primetime news before 10 p.m. We hope you will join us!

News 19 at 9 p.m. is anchored during the week by Shevaun Bryan, Greg Screws, and Jason Simpson. Seriously, who doesn’t like getting their daily dose of important news an hour early?

Every day of the week News 19 at 9 will feature a different way to connect with our viewers. We will feature STEM, Wellness, and Trending stories every week. We will also be Taking It To The Streets and asking for your opinions, as well as sharing Something Good.

News 19 asked what the brand new newscast means to our team:

“I’m happy and thankful, the station is producing another newscast to better serve our viewers. People work hard and are busy with their families. By adding another newscast, we give them another option for watching what we do and we appreciate it. The night shift here at WHNT is a great group of people. I tell people I haven’t worked a day in my life. It’s a great group and I’m happy to be co-anchoring with Shevaun and hanging with the night shift.”

Greg Screws, News 19 Anchor

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we’re giving the people what they want: MORE GREG. No, but seriously, we’re only a few days in but it’s been so fun bringing the News at 9 to our viewers. The show has different weekly features, like Taking it to The Streets and Trending Now, that add a different flavor from our normal newscasts. Now that The Valley’s CW is part of the News 19 family, we’re excited to put our stamp on, continuing to be your go-to place for news, weather, and sports – and now, you can catch the big headlines and be in bed by ten!”

Shevaun Bryan, News 19 Anchor

“It’s not “just another newscast.”  There’s really no such thing as that.  Every time we come on TV, there are things that we want to tell you that will impact your life.  I’m excited to be a part of News 19 at 9 on North Alabama’s CW because it gives me another opportunity to share something I love with our community: the weather.

I’ve been fascinated by weather my entire life, and even on the days that seem like the same-old, same-old, there’s always something new to see and share. 

News 19 at 9 is also another chance to help you get ready for what the weather will throw at us; it can change quickly, so the more connected and available we are, the more you’ll know about how to do life with the storms, heat, cold, rare but occasional snowfall, and everything else we face!”

Jason Simpson, News 19 Chief Meteorologist

This newscast is in addition to Football Friday Overtime, which started August 21, and airs Friday nights at 10:35.

If you’re unsure where to find WHDF North Alabama’s CW on your TV, we have the channels for cable and different cable providers here:

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