Here is information about children’s programming you will see on WHNT and WHNT2 every Saturday morning.


By means of fantasy, fun, music and rhyme, the Doodlebops teach children about their world and gives them the vital motivation and tools to explore it. Each episode will feature a live-action child who writes to the Doodles for help or advice with a problem. This child then gets “Doodlefied” and enters and animated world of the “Doodlenet” where they can hop on the magical tour bus and travel anywhere their imaginations can take them. Each episode will reinforce a lesson through a musical interlude or song that encapsulates the educational objective or message.

Target Audience: 3-6 years
Rating: TV-Y

Follow the adventures of Huckle and Sally Cat, Lowly Worm, Hilda Hippo, Pig Will and Pig Won’t as they put their unique minds together to solve the many daily mysteries in Busytown. Of course, roving reporter Goldbug is always on the scene to report on the lastest clues! Everyone hop in the apple car, it’s time for another mystery.

Target Audience: 3-7 years
Rating: TV-Y

This six-member team of animated animals and their trusty robot uses action adventure storylines, comedy, and songs to impart vital health and safety information for children, promoting the cognitive, personal and pro-social qualities necessary for youngsters to carry them out. Each episode introduces an “arch nemesis” that never wants to play by the rules…enter the Danger Rangers to the rescue.

Target Audience: 4-8 years
Rating: TV-Y7

The animated, amazing adventures of kids and their horses who come together in an incredible place called Horseland. As these friends strive to become the best competitive riders they can possibly be, the kids (and their equine companions) must learn to deal with difficult situations and confront an array of problems that put their honesty, their integrity, their self-confidence … and sometimes even their friendship to the test.

Target Audience: 9-11 years
Rating: TV-Y7