Zeta Racing East Away From Tennessee Valley – Quieter Pattern Settles In

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At 7am Thursday morning, the center of Tropical Zeta is near Asheville, North Carolina. Zeta is ‘trucking’ eastward and our forecast improves in a hurry. It will be windy on Lookout Mountain and Sand Mountain this morning. Winds still gust to 30 mph at times. The heavier rain is over.

Zeta over the middle Atlantic through the late morning and afternoon

Look at the all the dry air on the water vapor image behind Zeta. This means a quieter forecast in the days ahead along with cooler temperatures.

Orange represents drier air and rain-free conditions

Futurecast shows some sunshine this afternoon along with pleasant temperatures. Highs today reach the upper 60s to lower 70s. Cooler air is in the forecast tonight and Friday.

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