Zeta Downgraded To Tropical Storm Over the Yucatan Peninsula


Zeta got beat up overnight crossing the Yucatan Peninsula. Winds are at 65 mph as of Tuesday morning at 10am. The system will strengthen in the Gulf of Mexico later today.

Zeta moves across the Gulf of Mexico later today into Wednesday as a hurricane. It’s still expected to make landfall across Louisiana late Wednesday. IMPACTS ARE THE SAME! It just depends on the exact track of Zeta as the system moves across the southeast United States. 

Rain totals vary from an inch to 4″ across the Tennessee Valley Wednesday into Thursday. The futher east the track is, the lesser rain totals. The further west, expect more rain. The potential for severe weather increases as well. We saw this with Laura earlier. That west track bought tornado warnings. We also saw a ton of rain with Delta with another west track. 

Sally was south of us. It devastated Gulf Shores, but we saw minimal impacts here because we were so far north of the center. We will see what happens tomorrow and Thursday.

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