ALABAMA – Outgoing State Auditor Jim Zeigler and state Rep. Wes Allen have advanced to the Republican primary runoff for Alabama’s secretary of state.

The two were the top vote-getters in a four-way race and will meet again on June 21. The winner of the runoff will then face Democratic nominee Pamela LaFitte in the November general election.

Jim Ziegler, the outgoing state auditor, is from Mobile. He has served two terms as State Auditor and can not run again due to term limits. Zeigler he would take a watchdog position to provide secure and efficient elections.

“I would be eternally vigilant and on the watch as Secretary of State,” Zeigler told News 19. “Election problems are one of those things better prevented if found out about before than afterwards. I’ve served as a watchman against waste, mismanagement and corruption as state auditor and I intend to serve as a watchman for voter integrity, election integrity as the Secretary of State.”

Zeigler favors a single-day election and requirement of photo ID. He says if elected he would review the current voter registration list.

“We have found already at this early stage over 3,000 names on Alabama voter list that are over 100 years old,” said Zeigler. “This just cries out to be double checked… Part of the vigilance is to spot the problems.”

Wes Allen lives in Troy, Alabama. He formerly served as the Pike County Probate Judge before being elected to represent Alabama House district 89.

“I was the sponsor and we passed the bill to ban curbside voting back in 2021,” Allen stated. “And then this year, I sponsored and passed a bill with help of my Republican colleagues to prohibit the Zuckerberg money that you may have heard a little bit about.” reported that the bill makes it a crime for election officials to take money or services from private groups or individuals to help with election-related expenses including voter education, outreach, and registration.

Allen says he also opposes mail-in voting, no-excuse absentee ballots and early voting. He points to his experience as a county election official as what qualifies him to serve as Secretary of State.

“I’ve said from day one I believe in election day, not election month and we do not want chaos and confusion like we saw in other states around the county back in 2020, we want order in the state of Alabama,” concluded Allen.