YouTube Camp teaches kids social media skills

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Many parents send their children to summer camp. The outdoor activities give young people a chance to disconnect from social media, but one summer camp is actually embracing it.

Carmen Yager is spending part of her summer in front of a computer, but she’s not watching videos, she’s learning how to create them.

“If I go to a normal camp, it’s just having fun,” Yager says, “but if I come here, I’m learning while I’m having fun, too.”

This is YouTube Camp. The week-long course teaches kids how to shoot, edit and post a video on YouTube.

Yager is using what’s she’s learned to make videos with her brother.

“Like even getting to like 10 subscribers would be – I’d be really happy about,” she says.

A recent survey found 29% of kids want to be a YouTuber or vlogger when they grow up – more than a professional athlete, musician or astronaut. One reason why? Some kids are making millions on YouTube. Forbes says last year Ryan of Ryan ToysReview raked in 22 million dollars.

Jami Smith is a director of operations at iD Tech. The company offers tech programs at about 150 locations in the U.S., U.K. and Asia.

She says campers are learning more than just how to be a YouTube star.

“We are teaching life skills at summer camp,” Smith says, “like, you know, how to work together in a team, and how to collaborate and understand how to give and receive feedback.”

Julien Polycarp wants to be a gamecaster like the ones he sees on YouTube.

The most popular personality, PewDiePie, has nearly 100 million subscribers who watch his commentary on video games.

“I guess my main goal is just to gain a pretty good follower/subscriber base,” Polycarp says, “hopefully maybe make a little bit of money off of it.”

Polycarp sees his work at this camp as the first step to online success.

iD Tech offers classes throughout the summer.

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