Police identify man killed in wreck on Memorial Parkway, Hobbs Island Road

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Huntsville Police have identified a man killed in a wreck on Memorial Parkway around Hobbs Island Road.

Authorities say Kendall Chase Pannell, 26, was driving the smaller truck involved and he died at the scene.

Police say a dump truck was traveling south on the parkway and tried to turn left onto Hobbs Island Road when it collided with a smaller truck.

Police say the driver of the dump truck, who has not been identified, turned left without yielding to oncoming traffic and is at fault for the crash. The driver voluntarily submitted a blood sample for toxicology testing.

Police and witnesses describe the wreck as gruesome.

“when you get to a scene like this, a mangled car, and you have an individual inside you know is deceased, you can’t remove them,” said Huntsville police officer Lt. Michael Johnson. “The officer does not have the equipment to extricate people out of these vehicles.”

A witness described what happened after the crash.

“I got out of my car and I made people were okay, and some people were not okay,” he recalled. “Then I immediately realized that it was a very hard collision. The sound alone let me know that.”

The crash is still under investigation and could change once toxicology results return.

Huntsville Police shut down all northbound lanes of Memorial Parkway around Hobbs Island Road due to the wreck Wednesday morning. Traffic was backed up for several hours.

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