Woman injured in Independence Day firework accident still recovering

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HARVEST, Ala. – Many of the fireworks stands are closed for the season. But one woman says her celebration of this country’s Independence has left her in recovery to this very day.

Pam Perry said she’ll never forget this year’s Fourth of July holiday.

She said she found herself being extra cautious this year.

“I even was sitting there reading the directions out loud even though I know how to do it,” Perry explained. “I’ve been doing it forever. So just in case, read them out loud.”

What happened next would change her life.

“I couldn’t hear, couldn’t see, it melted my lenses on my glasses.”

Perry said the firework malfunctioned and exploded in her face as soon as she lit the fuse.

“I just thought well that burned it. I called my husband like, ‘It blew up in my face. You need to come look at it.'”

Perry says she didn’t realize how bad the injury really was until she found herself in the back of an ambulance.

“I remember the ambulance people saying, ‘Put her on Trauma 1, you can see her skull.'”

Just hours later she left the operating room with a face full of stitches and bills she knows she can’t afford.

“‘I don’t have any income, I don’t have any insurance and this is the last thing I needed to happen,” she added.

A Facebook Fundraiser has been created to help with the costs.

You can find out how to help Perry here.

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