Woman Devastated After Delivery Service Puts Package in Trash

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BARNHART, Mo. – A mother demanded answers after she received a note from a delivery service company that said they had left her package in an empty trash can.

Missouri resident, Tracy Sole, was extremely upset after she discovered a notice left on her door by UPS stating they had delivered a package to her residence and placed it inside of a black trash can. The worse part was that the delivery was made on trash day, and when Sole went to look for the package, all that was inside her black trashcan was two frozen cups. She suspected the trash had already been picked up that day.

According to Sole the package was especially important because it was a Christmas gift she intended to give to her young daughter. It contained an Android tablet, which she had saved up for.

“I was crying all night last night I came home and I mean I saved for months to get that for my daughter and then for them to just throw it in the trash,” said Sole about the missing package.

Sole contacted UPS, who she said told her to contact the company she purchased the tablet from.

“And I was trying to talk to the guy on the phone, he said ‘you`re going to have to calm down, I can`t understand what you`re saying.’  So I was like you don`t understand but it was awful,” said Sole about the phone call she made to the company.

UPS offers a service that would require a signature during delivery, but for an additional charge. They also train their drivers to leave packages out of plain sight and out of bad weather.

“I don`t care if they leave it by the mailbox as long as they don`t throw it in the trash,” said Sole, who understands that the driver didn’t want to walk down her icy driveway, but thinks they could’ve chosen a better spot for the package.

Unfortunately, the incident has left Sole without a Christmas gift for her daughter.

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