Woman arrested after driving car into house on Medaris Road

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Authorities arrested Candice Carlesha Brown after neighbors say she slammed a car into a house on Monday just before 2:00 p.m. along Medaris Road and Burros Street.

Neighbors said Brown ran her car into the house, backed up, and drove off.

“I told my kids, ‘Let’s get up out of this driveway.’ Because I was worried she was going to hit my car. I was saying, ‘Let’s go because this car could blow up.’ So, she got in the car, backed out, stopped. Because she said she didn’t have any brakes when she got out. I knew she was lying. She was drunk. I could smell whiskey on her breath,” said Huntsville resident Belinda Rogers.

Officers found the car less than an hour later and arrested Brown on an unrelated warrant.

The family who lives in the damaged house said nobody was hurt, but they may have to move out until the house is fixed.

Huntsville Police are still investigating the crash.

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