While North AL Republicans announce campaigns for higher office, Democrats are staying quiet


HUNTSVILLE, Ala – If you are wondering what Democrat might be considering a run for either the U.S. House or Senate openings, so far we are hearing crickets. However, that might not be the case for long according to the Madison County Democratic Party.

“We are very concerned about this opportunity and maximizing it. We definitely want to see someone run for this seat,” said David Person, who sits on the Democratic Executive Committee. Person is also a News 19 political analyst.

Person says the Congressional race is high on the agenda.

“We’ve been looking into it for some quite some time.”

Mo Brooks has held his Congressional seat since 2010. Facing no Democratic challenger in 2020. Brooks has won several re-election bids by more than 30 percent over previous Democratic and Independent candidates.

Person argues Brooks has not been effective in working for the region and says the committee would love to see the Democratic equivalent of Senator Richard Shelby run in the 5th district.

“That’s something that we need to see continuing both at that level (Senate) and we need to see it happen where it hasn’t been happening at the District 5 level. Mo Brooks has not been representing the people of District 5,” said Person.

So who’s it going to be for the Democrats?

State Rep. Anthony Daniels tells News 19 he won’t jump in. Former U.S. Senator Doug Jones also appears to not be interested. Person says they are looking for a few things in a potential candidate.

“Someone running on the Democratic side who is able to raise money and who is also able to speak to the issues in a very compelling way. In a way that will help all Alabamians regardless of political party.”

Alabama could lose a seat in Congress. Based on the census it’s not clear what will happen and where. But there’s a chance several districts could shrink or grow if one is lost.

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