What you need to know if the summer heat gets the best of your A/C unit

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MADISON, Ala. – The heat index has been in the upper ninety’s for days recently, imagine you are looking forward to enjoying the day after July 4th in your air conditioning and it stops working.

When your homes air conditioning stops working and its the middle of this summer heat ..every moment until it is fixed “matters.” Johnathan Dake is a service technician. He says they have seen an increase in services calls because of the oppressive summer heat.

“We’re starting to see a lot more service calls,” says Johnathan Dake.

He says most people don’t realize they need to turn their a/c unit off if it is not working properly.

“Go to your thermostat and shut it down. that way that system isn’t trying to run and can cause more damage. if it is frozen it can thaw out before we can get there,” says Dake.

Dake says they try to get people’s to air back on as soon as possible but response times vary.

“We try to get there within a couple of hours if we aren’t booked up that day, if not we offer an after hours of 24 hours that we can get there,” says Dake.

Dake says fixing some air conditioning units can take time and be a little complicated but usually, it’s a fairly simple fix.

“I got here within probably an hour, hour and a half. it was probably a 10 or 15-minute fix. It was a capacitor that went bad so it wasn’t a hard problem at all to fix,” says Dake.

But some people aren’t so lucky. If a part has to be ordered, it can take days to get the A/C going again.

“The worst scenario is the scenario when we have to order parts. sometimes it takes 4 or 5 days to get the parts in,” says Dake.

If you’re waiting on a technician, make sure to turn your indoor fans on and circulate air while you wait.

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