What’s The Beep? Blind Access for Huntsville Pedestrians

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If you've heard the incessant beeping while driving or walking through Huntsville's Five Points area and thought 'What the beep!?', you are not crazy and you are not alone.

Andrew Jackson Way at Pratt and O'Saughnessy Avenues boast audible cross walk locator assistance for the blind and visually impaired.

Huntsville city director of traffic engineering Richard Kramer says the non-stop beeping came after a request to the department from a blind Five Points man who wanted assistance safely crossing the street.

The cross walk assistor emits tones at one second intervals all day every day. When someone pushes the cross walk button, a voice recording signals that Andrew Jackson is safe to cross as the twenty-two second timer counts down to zero.

Richard Kramer says the beeping cross walk assistors at Pratt and O'Shaughnesy Avenues are the only two of their kind in the city, but if the traffic department receives a request from a blind or visually impaired citizen, the city is required to install the audible system.

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