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(WHNT) — Another week of high school football is in the books.

This past Thursday and Friday we saw a ton of big time highlights and received a ton of submissions on Twitter and via email, but only five can make the cut.

Here are the top five plays of the week:

5. Buckhorn vs. Bob Jones

Play number five comes from Buckhorn and Bob Jones. Here’s yet another reason why the tip drill in practice comes in handy!

C.J. Hatcher rolls out of the pocket, tipped by Landon Corn, then it pops up in the air again. How about the concentration by Jeff Rodriguez to haul it in for the INT.

Let’s check it out in slow motion. That’ll definitely put a smile on the faces of the Patriots defensive coaches.

4. Boaz vs. Madison County

We head out to Gurley for play number four with Boaz kicking off. Just in case you haven’t heard, this is not the guy you want to kick to.

Case Watson fields it, starts left, cuts back inside, sees an opening and he is gone! He outruns everybody on the field and celebrates with the student section. Case dismissed.

3. Asbury vs. Whitesburg Christian Academy

Play three! This one was sent to us on Twitter with Whitesburg Christian Academy squaring off with Asbury.

Ryan Turner is a problem. Turner throws on the burners and takes a pitch play to the left 94 yards for the touchdown. He had four scores on the night and accounted for 330 plus yards. Warriors win their first home game ever and Turner was a huge reason why.

2. East Lawrence vs. West Morgan

Play two comes from the East Lawrence-West Morgan game!

Cayden Rivers takes the handoff, gets stopped on the play, and tries to hand it to quarterback Isaih Hubbard. He scoops it up, runs backwards about 10 yards and throws off his back foot to find Bralyn Robinson, who takes it in for 6.

Absolute madness! Hubbard tells me that he and Rivers call it the no gain flea flicker.

1. Florence vs. Muscle Shoals

Florence and Muscle Shoals went down to the wire. Trojans were down two with seconds left, but that’s no problem for Trey Stoddard. The junior kicker has ice in his veins hitting from 40 yards out as time expired!

A ton of pressure comes with being a kicker, but that didn’t phase Stoddard on Friday night. For that he takes the number one spot this week on top plays.