Waterloo Residents Get Connected With Cell Service

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WATERLOO, Ala. (WHNT) – A small Shoals town finally gets connected to modern day technology, with cell phone service.

Waterloo residents with AT&T phones can already make calls.  However, this upgrade has been years in the making.

“It was worth the wait,” said Neil Scott, owner of Waterloo Market and Gas Station.

The two cell phone towers already in place are the talk of the small town.

“We`ve had people come in and they are standing here talking and their phone rings.  Wow, my phone`s working,” said Scott. “Everybody`s kinda made a joke, maybe I don`t want it to work, my mother and my mother in law`s both called me today.” 

From the public to public servants, the cell phone service has already helped many in this community. 

The Waterloo Volunteer Fire Department says, the cell service has increased their call times when responding to emergencies

“It’s really critical in that situation, especially nowadays,” said Chief Ted Kavich.

Kavich says expanding cell service allows his fire fighters to speak directly with other emergency workers, giving other crews important information, before they ever arrive on scene.

“Air Evac had a problem with that about a week ago, well they did land but they wanted to talk to us on the ground, but they couldn’t,” said Kavich.

The fire chief hopes the community will no longer be shut out from the rest of the world, when it comes to other modern day advances, in the future.

So far two AT&T cell towers have been put up in Waterloo.

A third tower is expected to go up next year.

Other service providers could rent space on the towers, to expand options for customers.

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