Watching the Gulf Of Mexico – Tropical Moisture Heads North – Impacts This Weekend For the Tennessee Valley


A much advertised low pressure center in the Gulf of Mexico impacts the Tennessee Valley for the Father’s Day weekend. There is still some uncertainty of the track and intensity of this system. There will be some fluctuations as we move forward. Either way, expect rain and wind for the weekend not only along our gulf coast, but for the Tennessee Valley.

The system is better organized Thursday afternoon and a hurricane center aircraft is checking out the area of disturbed weather as we speak. We’ll know if we have a closed circulation and strong enough winds for a tropical depression shortly.

Gulf Coast Impacts

There will be lots of rain, wind, and rip currents for the Father’s Day weekend. Futurecast shows heavy rain likely Saturday. The rip current threat remains high Friday through Sunday.

Local Impacts

Heavy rain and wind moves across the Tennessee Valley late Saturday into Sunday. Expect heavy rain and strong storms around here through most of the weekend into next week. Rainfall totals are up in the air. We could end up with 1-3″. There is a chance we could much more than that especially if more bands of heavy rain rotate around the east side of our system. If we are on that east side, high rain totals are likely.

Live Alert 19 is a great way to get updates for any location. Make sure your alerts and location are turned on.

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