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WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah (KTVX) – One truly is the loneliest number. That’s something the principal of Granger High School experienced while the rest of the faculty and students enjoyed a fun snow day.

After Utah’s Storm of the Season slammed the northern part of the state on Wednesday, many school districts, including the Granite School District, moved their classes online.

The weather didn’t stop Granger High School Principal Dr. Tyler Howe from going into the office, but once there he said it got pretty lonely, which he proved through a video posted on Granger High School’s YouTube channel.

At the start of the video, Howe tells the viewers a snow day sure sounds fun…

“But when you’re used to being the largest high school in the state with the most teachers and the most students of any other high school, a snow day can seem pretty lonely,” said Howe.

Throughout the video, set to Three Dog Night’s “One,” Howe can be seen eating alone in the school’s massive cafeteria, walking the halls alone, or sitting on the stairs counting lights on the ceiling

Howe definitely tried to make the most of his lonely snow day. Throughout the video, Howe exercised his mind by playing chess against himself, giving himself a class lecture, and reading to himself Dr. Suess’ Green Eggs and Ham.

He even tried to exercise his body by sadly riding a hoverboard through the halls, attempting weight lifting, jogging the stairs, and taking advantage of the empty dance room to practice his spins.

Howe wasn’t completely alone, however. As seen in the video, the Granger High Principal did attempt to make friends with the Granger High knight statue.

In the end, Howe simply fell asleep in the school’s library curled up with Green Eggs and Ham.

Since the Granite School District and Granger High School had another online learning day on Thursday, one can only hope the friendship Howe made with the knight statue blossomed so he isn’t so lonely on snow days.