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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – Madison County Sheriff Kevin Turner and members of the Madison County Sheriff Narcotics Unit and Madison County Criminal Investigation Division held a news conference Wednesday morning to provide more information about a narcotics investigation.

Chief Deputy Eddie Houk went into detail about a drug bust that happened Tuesday afternoon.

Madison County Narcotics Agents, along with the Madison County Street Crimes Unit, Madison County K-9 Unit, Morgan County Narcotics Unit, the FBI Streets Task Force and DEA were involved in a take down, following an investigation that had been ongoing for two months.

“In that two month investigation, we had information that there were subjects from the Birmingham area that were transporting fentanyl to Madison County”, said Houk.

He stated that the two month long investigation led to the arrest of two individuals.

Madison County Narcotics Agents made a traffic stop Tuesday off Mastin Lake Road.

The two people in the vehicle were Jamall King and Rayshad King, who had to be “forcibly removed from the vehicle”, stated Chief Houk. He also said Jamall was injured during the process.

Four ounces of fentanyl were found in the vehicle.

Both men were charged with drug trafficking, receiving stolen property, attempting to flee and elude, and possession of marijuana.

They are both currently in the Madison County Jail.

Chief Houk speculated the street value of the recovered fentanyl to be “around $10,000.”

Houk also said of the drug problem in Madison County, “We’re not going to sit by idly as this takes place.”

Sheriff Kevin Turner had his own comments about drugs in his community.

“The drugs tie hand-in-hand with the violence that’s going on in our streets,” he said. “The people that sell it are garbage…that’s our number one priority, is the violence and the drugs on our streets”

“I’m gonna say something, that usually I don’t do” said Sheriff Turner. “But I’m gonna do it anyway. For all of you that are selling drugs in our community, every one of you, I know who you are, I’ve known you for years. We are going to come and get you, we are going to arrest you for selling this dope and this garbage to our kids. This is something that I take seriously. I don’t care what you’re selling, you’re not gonna do it in Madison County.”

Turner went on, “It’s not political to me, it’s my heart. And I promise you this is saving the lives of our kids. Everyone that’s on the corner selling dope, think that we’re buying the dope from you, because we’re on your heels, and we’re coming.”