WATCH: Confederate Monument protest organizer to address vandalism, looting


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) On Monday, June 1, 2020, Le’Darius Hilliard will hold a press conference to address vandalism and looting that occurred last night following a protest of a confederate monument located in Birmingham’s Linn Park.

Hilliard serves as President of the Jefferson County Millennial Democrats, an activist organization with a long track record of standing up against injustices and wrongdoings in our community, including calling on former Mayor Bell to remove the monument during his tenure in office. Hilliard also led protests related to EJ Bradford’s murder and support of Birmingham’s minimum wage increase.

“I want to draw a clear distinction between the protest organized around the removal of the confederate monument, which has long been a symbol of hate and divisiveness in our city, and the acts of violence against our city that followed,” stated Le’Darius Hilliard. “We live in a city that’s over 70 percent black with elected black leaders, and destroying our home is unacceptable.”

The press conference will take place at Kelly Ingram Park, across from 16th Street Baptist Church.

Warning Explicit Language in the live stream.

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