WATCH: North Alabama restaurant customer grabs hand of waiter, places hand in food

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MADISON, Ala. – Security footage showing a customer grabbing the hand of a restarant server and shoving it in their food at a north Alabama resturant has been viewed a million times online. The viral video was posted online by the owner of The Cuban Cafe in Madison.

Owner Andy Ysalgue says, unfortunately, these moments of disrespect are frequent in the restaurant industry.

“This happens, it’s happening all over the country and it happens pretty often,” said Ysalgue

Ysalgue says that this confrontation started over something as simple as silverware.

“He said some things and some gestures and essentially grabbed our employee’s hand and tried to force it into his food. Making comments about not having silverware and eating with his hands, is this what you wanted us to do,” said Ysalgue.

The owner says he stands behind his employees. He says he posted the video to ensure that the customer wouldn’t come back.

“We had no idea the video would go viral. We do not want this customer back because of the way he treated our staff,” said Ysalgue.

With over a million views and almost seven thousand shares, The Cuban Cafe hopes that people take away one clear message: Be kind to others.

“No need to belittle serving staff. They work hard. They are there for the sole purpose of providing an excellent experience,” said Ysalgue.

Ysalgue says they also have a message for servers who might run into a rude customer.

“Be professional, stay true to who you are, and don’t let the emotions or that situation define the night or who you are,” said Ysalgue.

The Cuban Cafe says it is thankful for the community support they’ve received after posting this video.

The Cuban Cafe owner wants to clarify that he does not believe the customer’s actions were racially or politically motivated. He believes that is was simply just someone being unkind.

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