WATCH: Be safe around downed power lines


(Photo: Joe Wheeler EMC)

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DECATUR, Ala. – Decatur utilities made an informative video about how to respond to a fallen utility pole after a crash.

The Utility Department tweeted on Monday about the regularity of damaged utility poles from accidents.

Along with the tweet, a video was attached demonstrating the proper way to act around downed power lines.

The video covers touch potential, step potential, and warnings about electrical current.

“Assume all downed power lines are energized. Do not drive over downed power lines. If possible, stay in your car. If in danger, jump away from car and land with both feet together. Shuffle away to safety – at least 30 feet.”

Check out the video below.

For any questions, you can contact Decatur Utilities at (256) 552-1400.

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