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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The classic Heritage Club may be long gone from Huntsville but in its shadow is a vacant alleyway with untapped potential.

The Huntsville/Madison County Leadership Connect Class has a group of six driven individuals that are changing that and creating a great park with a purpose.

The alleyway would become a micro park called Washington Park. It’s a connector between Washington and Jefferson, and if you don’t pay attention, you could waltz right by the entrance!

According to one of the park organizers, Cayce Taylor,  “We will have greenery and landscaping and a place where people can come together and gather.”

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Landscape architect, Chad Bostick, created park renderings and he is donating his services to the effort.

Washington Park will have a stage, seating area and on the Jefferson entrance, there will be a designated food truck area. The rustic brick walls and a few iron railings will stay.

“But then we realized we wanted to do something more intentional,” explained Taylor.

Each month this park will support a local non-profit. A portion of food truck sales will go towards the organization and there will also be a permanent donation area.

“As people come in and as they gather and find seating areas, they can choose to donate,” said Taylor.

The total project costs $48 thousand; the group has roughly $12 thousand more to raise.

“This is going to be a permanent park and it’s the smallest park in town so it’s going to be something different and something you can choose to give back to,” expressed Taylor.

The group is hoping to raise the remaining $12 thousand this month, break ground this summer and be up and running by the fall! If you would like to donate to help bring Washington Park to life, just click the link attached here.