Vaccine distribution expected to pick up in the next month; lawmakers encourage vaccination effort

Washington DC Bureau

WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — More vaccines will be available to Americans soon, according to the White House.

“By April 19th, 90% of adults in the U.S will be eligible for vaccination,” White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said.

The White House continues to ramp up the availability of vaccines throughout the U.S.

“There will be an increase of supply to over 33,000,000 vaccine doses across all of our channels,” Psaki said.

Beyond improving access, the White House and lawmakers say there’s also a major focus on eliminating vaccine hesitancy.

“Some people are very eager to get it and are having problems cause they’re not in the right category. And we know that some of the target populations are being more elusive about it,” Maryland Democrat Jamie Raskin said.

Tuesday, Raskin traveled with the Second Gentleman to a vaccination site in Maryland, taking part in the outreach.

“Community health clinics are the critical bridge for reaching into the community and get it to the people who need to be vaccinated so we can continue the course of the process,” Raskin said.

However, some lawmakers are critical of the slow distribution in some areas.

“My gosh, I mean, you’re not getting it out,” Pennsylvania Republican Congressman Mike Kelly said.

Kelly says his own state is trailing behind in vaccination rollout, and he wants to see that change.

“I would just think if there are 50 states and I’m 49th, I’d be wondering ‘well what’s 48, 47, 46, 45?’ I’ve gone through the whole list and said, ‘why is it that they’re so far ahead of us?'”

Kelly says states like Pennsylvania need to make sure they are making use of all of their available vaccine supply. 

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