Republican Mike Garcia sworn in as California’s newest member of Congress

WASHINGTON, D.C. (NEXSTAR) – Republican Mike Garcia won last week’s special election to replace Democrat Katie Hill in Congress. 

Republicans are hoping it’s a sign of more wins to come. 

“This is a tremendous honor to be a part of history,” Representative Mike Garcia, R-California, said. 

California’s newest Congressman, Republican Mike Garcia was sworn in Tuesday morning after winning last week’s special election and flipping a blue seat to Republican red.

“In California we have not flipped a democrat seat in more than 22 years,” Representative Kevin McCarthy, R-California, said. 

House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy says Garcia’s election is a signal of what’s to come as Republicans work to regain a majority in the house. 

“We have a good indication of what November’s going to be like,” McCarthy said. 

“Our message won’t change. Our district is a very purple district,” Garcia said. 

Garcia says Republican challengers hoping to unseat incumbents in the fall can learn from his campaign. 

“With the right message and the right leadership and a good candidate, I have no doubt we will take the house back,” Garcia said.

But Garcia has to run again in November and Democrats argue there’s one big difference between this special election, and the next one. 

The President will be on the ballot.

“He is repelling particularly independent and suburban voters. They’re being repelled by his coronavirus response,” David Bergstein said. 

David Bergstein with the Democratic National Committee focuses on battleground house races.

He says the electorate itself will look a lot different come November.

“We have the full composition of the electorate that normally turns out like this in California, in a Presidential year. We’re going to wipe Republicans right out of this seat again,” Bergstein said. 

For Garcia’s part, he says while he plans to get down to work in Congress.

His campaign effort isn’t stopping and he’s prepared to win his seat again in November.