Warm Weather, Cold Ice: How The Downtown Huntsville Ice Rink Handles The Winter Heat

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – There’s something suspicious about Christmas in downtown.  The snow is just a bit too fluffy.  The flakes just a bit too large. The ice is just a bit too wet.  Oh also, it’s like seventy degrees. 

No wonder Huntsville needs cotton snow and plastic flakes. Even in the heat though, the ice rink stands strong, even if it is a bit wet.

Though the atmosphere is festive, the weather puts a damper on the spirit.

“Probably a little bit yeah,” admits Rink Manager Daryl Heavey, “Because it’s hard to get that blood in you for Christmas time, when it’s 75 degrees outside.”

While the ice skating rink has a thin layer of water over the top and visitors to the park are sporting shorts, it turns out you actually can still skate.

Heavey explains, “The ice itself is relatively hard, because the compressor are running it at zero, so the ice is actually solid.  It’s just a top layer develops when you get these sunny days like this a little bit warmer than normal during this time of year.”

And the weather hasn’t stopped folks from lacing up skates.

Heavey says, “With the children and everybody being back in school now, it’s actually kind of slow during the days.  But the afternoon and night stay pretty steady and the weekends are just covered up.”

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