Walt Maddox takes the Democratic primary for governor, moving on to the general election

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The voters of Alabama have chosen Walt Maddox in the Democratic primary race for the governor’s seat. Maddox will now face off against a Republican opponent on November 6.

Maddox, the mayor of Tuscaloosa and Cobb, Alabama’s former chief justice, were considered the two frontrunners and Tuesday’s vote showed them pulling away from the rest of the field.

Maddox, who is 45, had the fundraising edge over the 62-year-old Cobb. He raised more than $928,000 and he spent $856,000, campaign finance records show.

Cobb raised $768,000 and spent $626,000.

The Democratic nominee will likely face a large fundraising gap. Gov. Kay Ivey raised more than $4.3 million, and spent $4 million during in the primary race, records show.

Maddox and Cobb’s campaigns competed for African American voters and Maddox won the key endorsement from the Alabama Democratic Conference, the state’s largest African American political organization.

Democratic African American voters were credited with providing Doug Jones’ margin of victory over Roy Moore in last year’s U.S. Senate special election.

Maddox and Cobb both offered a plan for a state lottery, with a focus on education.

The Democratic field also included James Fields, Chris Countryman, Anthony White and Doug Smith. Visit our results page for the latest on all of the races.

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