Walmart remodeling stores in Florence, Madison as part of $69 million Alabama effort


(Walmart Photo)

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Walmart is spending $69 million to remodel and improve some of its stores in Alabama, including stores in Madison and Florence.

The Florence Walmart on Hough Road and Madison’s Madison Boulevard location are part of the remodeling effort, which the company says is an effort to improve and innovate shopper experiences.

Those innovations include Walmart’s grocery pickup option and grocery delivery for customers. Walmart also plans to implement more of its Pickup Towers, which are vending machines capable of fulfilling customers’ online orders.

Walmart also plans to install a new system in some stores called the FAST Unloader, which automatically scans and sorts items as they come off delivery trucks. And automated floor scrubbers that clean and scrub concrete floors are also coming to 43 stores in the state this year, the company said.

In all, Walmart says it will remodel 14 stores across the state and add improvements.

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