VP Pence announces Space Command launch date, names Four Star General as leader

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Vice President Mike Pence spoke Tuesday at the National Space Council in Chantilly, Virginia announcing the official launch of U.S. Space Command is set for August 29.

He also named the first leader of the US Space Command.

“I’m pleased to announce that we will recognize its new leader, Four Star Air Force General John Raymond will be the first leader of the United States Space Command,” said Vice President Pence.

“The intelligence community and the Department of Defense have agreed to align U.S. Space Command and the NRO into a new unified defense concept of operations at the national defense space sector,” said Acting Director Of National Intelligence Joseph McGuire. “As part of U.S Space Command, the National Defense Space Center is a joint DOD Intelligence community organization and will become the center of gravity for defending our vital interest in space.”

Redstone Arsenal is officially on the secretary of the Air Force’s short list of bases to potentially host the headquarters for the United States Space Command.

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