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WHNT News 19’s David Kumbroch visited the Board of Registrars office on Election Day to see if they got anyone looking for a voter ID.

But Board of Registrar’s Chair Lynda Hairston didn’t have many expectation,”I didn’t think we’d have too many today.”

The chair got what she expected. The office took questions, but not many about voter id’s.

The new voting requirements don’t seem to have ruffled a lot of primary-voting feathers.

Hairston notes, “When Georgia implemented the photo ID law, they were shocked that they had as few people as they did. I don’t remember the amount, but compared to the number of registered voters, the number of people that applied for an ID was very small.”

In fact, ID questions rarely come up over the phone lines, but Hairston has heard other issues raised, “We haven’t had any problems with that. We have had some issues this morning with, of course you know, we made changes with polling places and reapportionment changed people’s senate districts, house districts and all. We have had questions about that.”

In the end, Hairston tells us the Board of Registrars only issued three temporary voter ID’s on Election Day. She says they’ve only issued around fifty since the law went into effect.