Von Braun Center hosting CFB Championship game viewing party with COVID-19 restrictions


HUNTSVILLE Ala.- Monday January 11th at 6pm, the VBC will open its doors to 200 people to watch Alabama take on Ohio State. The event will be held at the new Mars Music Hall with reduced capacity, normally the hall houses over 1,500 people.

The event is reservation only, if you would like to make reservations you can email, kglouner@vonbrauncenter.com, to reserve your table. VBC Marketing and Public Relations Manager, Samantha Nielsen stressed that if you are going to attend to make sure it is with those in your household to reduce any potential spread of COVID-19.

The event will have three big screens to televise the game and food and beverage for purchase, you can also place an order at the Rhythm Lounge and pick up, right across the way.

With food and beverage available there will be walking around, Nielsen says, “while you are required to wear a mask when you come into the building, you’re also required to have a mask on when you are moving around in the facility, unless you’re seated at your table or eating or drinking, you are required to have a mask.”

The VBC is making sure to take extra steps to provide comfort and safety to those who attend any events being held, “we clean before, after, and during the events, so we’re doing the best we can in creating a safe environment and are excited to have people come out for the game,” Nielsen said.

This event is a preview of how events will look the rest of the season and possibly the year, Nielsen says those protocols will continue into the UAH Huntsville and Havoc Hockey seasons, “you know as the vaccines rolled out and numbers start decreasing and people are more comfortable coming out, we’re still going to maintain, throughout this year, this season the same reduced capacity we currently have.”

Officials at the VBC are looking for more ways to ensure even more safety, according to the press release, “Rhythm on Monroe and the Von Braun Center (VBC) recently partnered with the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) and Huntsville Utilities on a project to improve the restaurant’s air quality using germicidal technology for disinfection.”

VBC Director of Operations Johnny Hunkapiller says, “This installation adds an extra layer of safety and allows our guests and staff to feel more comfortable while inside our building,” Nielsen added, “The health and safety of our staff and guests are always our top priority.”

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