Volunteer Fire Departments Test New Device To Aid In Response

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In an emergency situation every second counts. Saturday afternoon Gurley, Killingsworth Cove, Central, and Keel Mountain Volunteer Fire Departments tested out a new device that promises to buy them some much needed time.

The Dry Sprinkler Powder Aerosol (DSPA) Fire Intervention Tool can bring a 1200 degree fire down to about 700 degrees in a matter of minutes.

“It doesn’t use any water. It’s similar to salt. It has cooling properties through a chemical reaction,” explained Mackey Outlaw, a representative for Heritage Fire Equipment, the company selling the device.

“After the fire is out and it’s all done it looks like salt or basically a powder on the ground.”

The test was a success. The DSPA device costs about a thousand dollars, but firefighters say that could be a small price to pay to help save lives.

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