FLORENCE, Ala. – A visually-impaired photographer has been helping animals at the Florence-Lauderdale Animal Shelter get adopted for over two years.

Dannon Wright, a volunteer photographer, suffers from Cone Rod Dystrophy and Glaucoma. Wright told News 19 that his eyesight has quickly deteriorated over the past decade.

“Everything I see is either in shadows or super bright. And colors can be a bit off,” Wright said.

However, Wright’s disability did not keep him from pursuing photography. Wright said he has invested countless hours and money into teaching himself how to take pictures of animals.

“It’s also a chance for me to do something that a lot of people think a visually-impaired person can’t do,” Wright said. “I still have some vision left, but I push that limit and I push that boundary by doing stuff like this.”

Wright told News 19 that animals are often scared and upset when they come to the shelter. His goal is to make them comfortable and happy, which shows the animal’s real personality. Wright said these photos are much more likely to help an animal get adopted.

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“People get to see that on our social media and they get to see a different side of that animal. And it helps that animal to have a much better chance of getting out of here and getting adopted,” Wright said.

Wright finished by saying that his disability is hard to overcome sometimes, but the animals keep him motivated. As long as he is still able to take pictures, Wright said he will not let his disability hold him back.