Visiting Teenagers Bringing Changes to Huntsville Homes

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – This week, there are several construction sites around Huntsville, where young people are bringing much needed changes for total strangers.

The youngsters, from three states, actually pay their own money to work in the heat and sleep on the floor.

WHNT NEWS 19 visited one site, where the sounds of hammering and cutting could be heard around the neighborhood.

It’s the sound change of change in progress.

The youngsters on the scene are in Huntsville to multi-task, working on something you can see, while building on something you can’t.

“{They}work on houses and improve living conditions and just show their love of god through their work,” said Lauren Jones.

“I wanted to further my relationship with Christ,” said Daniel Quintero.

This is the second week for eight crews of World Changers working at eight sites, making improvements to homes.

Case in point is a home where an elderly resident needs a ramp to gain access to her home.
The crew is replacing a makeshift one with a real one, complete with safety rails.

“I just like getting done with the proejct and seeing the smile on the face,” said Tiara Hunter of Illinois.
The 16-year-old is on her fourth mission trip, backed by Baptist churches.

Her co-workers range in age from 13 years old and up who paid some $300 to be part of it all.

“They pay to come work outside in the heat and sleep on the floor at a high school,” said Lauren with a laugh.

And she adds the experience is priceless.

“We’re giving kind of better things to people who are in need,” said Daniel Quintero.

He’s a 15-year-old from Georgia on his first mission, and already planning more.

He liked how he got to meet with the homeowners before the sounds of change ever began.

“We did a devotion before we actually started work,” said Quintero.

People in Huntsville tell the organization where the most needed projects are, then the changes happen free of charge.

World Changers is in its 23rd summer and 16th visit to Huntsville.

The City of Huntsville provides the supplies they need to revitalize substandard housing.

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