DENHAM SPRINGS, La. (BRPROUD) — A police officer with the Denham Springs Police Department (DSPD) stopped to check on three teenagers last weekend.

Officer Hunter Carmouche got out of his vehicle near Carter’s Supermarket on Hatchell Lane and asked what the teenagers were doing at this location.

The three teenagers included Carren Comeaux’s son Hunter and his friends, Gaige and Dylan.

Officer Carmouche quickly discovered that nothing illicit was happening and decided to join the teenagers.

The kids were skateboarding, and according to the Denham Springs Police Department, Officer Carmouche loved skateboarding as a kid.

The DPSD officer stayed with the teenagers for around ten minutes and even attempted a kickflip.

Officer Carmouche almost completed the trick and told the teenagers that they could “stay skating.”

The DSPD officer has been on the job for almost two years.