VIDEO: Man’s pop song on trombone brings the cows home (seriously)

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You can use a horse to round up the cattle, or in this case, you could get out a brass instrument.

(Or, as one of our employees said, you could “click ’em” because that’s what you do in Farmville.)

Seriously, though — a Kansas farmer gets out his trusty trombone when it’s time to call the cows in. Derek Klingenberg serenades them with “Royals” by Lorde.

The cows also know when the music starts playing they’re about to gt a snack made of molasses. That might have something to do with them coming in so quickly.

Klingenberg has parodied other songs, posting them on YouTube, including parodies of tunes by Ke$ha, Psy and Miley Cyrus. His most famous cover is “What Does the Fox Say,” which has been viewed over 5 million times.  He’s also parodied of a few songs from the Disney movie “Frozen.”

We think it’s pretty cool!

Source: Yahoo News

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