Still Serving Veterans partners with North Alabama businesses to provide resources for veterans

Veterans Resource Project

ALABAMA – Still Serving Veterans understands that the last year and a half brought unimaginable challenges to veterans.

To better connect veterans to their community the non-profit organization created the North Alabama Veteran Resource Network. This system provides veterans in need with tools to locate resources such as clothing, food, shelter or mental and physical health care.

A Veteran Resource Connections Counselor, Michelle Mason, works to intentionally connect veterans with community members. “What we want to do is give them a hand-off or a name versus a 1-800 number or a website,” she said.

Mason is a retired US Navy Veteran who tried to understand the unique needs of every veteran she serves. She said one of the biggest problems is that veterans do not know the resources available to them.

“I provide that connection to services that the veteran may not know they have,” Mason added.

Still Serving Veterans actively builds connections with North Alabama businesses and community members. One business they work frequently with is Semper Fi. A chairperson for Semper Fi, Craig Baker, recounts a connection the two non-profit organizations made to help a veteran while she was unable to work.

“She had fallen on hard times and was a couple of months behind on her rent and has not been able to work. So we were able to apply rent for three months to get her back on her feet.” Baker says the relationship between SSV and Semper Fi is important in helping families move forward together.

“We’re able to bridge that gap of hardships in families and move them forward. They become part of a community and network of a team in North Alabama that offers support to veterans when they are stuck in a bad spot,” Baker told News 19.

Both Baker and Mason want veterans to know they will do all they can to help them. Anyone interested in the services Still Serving Veterans provides can visit their website:

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