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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — A parking lot-turned-party lot is officially no more. News 19 learned why Von Braun officials decided it was time to say goodbye to their 3rd Rock stage more than a month ahead of schedule.

From April through just a few weeks ago, a vacant parking lot on Clinton avenue was transformed into the 23-hundred person outdoor concert hall.

It was originally planned to be taken down in September, but VBC officials removed it a month early, but timing is everything and with a recent surge in COVID-19 cases, the VBC’s Samantha Nielsen says a revival of the outdoor stage is not out of the question.

“Fingers crossed that we dont, but if we do start seeing shows closing again and limited restrictions on capacity and things like that, we would definitely be open to bringing 3rd Rock back,” she said.

Until recently, COVID-19 cases were in decline and VBC officials thought that was a signal to bring concerts back inside the facility.

“People started feeling more comfortable going indoors thankfully, so some of the artists who initially would’ve performed outside were comfortable moving indoors, she said.

Any performers that would have fit the mold to play on the 3rd Rock Stage will now be inside Mars Music Hall.

“It’s more cost-effective for us. We already have an indoor venue, the audio and lighting equipment is set up indoors and is easy for concerts to tap into,” she said.

It also freed up that rented stage and sound equipment that rental companies say had sat relatively unused for the duration of the pandemic, but now that musicians are traveling again, the equipment the VBC was renting is in high demand.

For many people, months in isolation felt like a broken record, and 3rd Rock put a whole new spin on the phrase, “face the music.”

“For many people that was the first live event to come to when things started opening back up was out at 3rd Rock so to see the feedback from the community was awesome. Music just does so many good things for the soul,” Nielsen said.