Vandals Strike at Wilson School

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LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – Shortly after arriving at work Tuesday morning, employees at a Lauderdale County school find thousands of dollars worth of computer equipment stolen from the school’s library.

Shattered windows and a busted hammer are all that’s left in the wake of a vandalism that took place overnight at Wilson School.

According to sheriff’s investigators, two windows were busted out to gain access to the library.

“You would think that schools, they have a hard enough time with funding to buy equipment and things they need for the students,” said Lauderdale County Investigator Richard Richey, “and then somebody comes in and takes that from them.”

Investigator Richey said almost a dozen laptops and two iPads were taken from Wilson’s access lab.

While trying to pry open a storage locker full of computers in the lab, Richey said thieves broke a hammer in two.

“This is the second school this week that we have had something taken from, so it’s alarming to us to try and find out who it is,” explained Richey.

According to Richey, thieves broke into a concession stand at Rogers School, leaving behind damage much like that at Wilson School.

Damage that has to be repaired, and computers that now have to be replaced.

If you have any information that could help detectives find the thieves who broke into either school you are urged to give an anonymous call to the Shoals Area Crime Stoppers Tip Line at 256-386-8685.

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