Vaccination process at Morgan County Health Department explained


MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. — The Alabama Department of Public Health says there are approximately 8,900 people 75 and over in Morgan County eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine on Monday.

The Morgan County Health Department will be one of the distribution sites.

Judy Smith with ADPH says they want to avoid a rush of people Monday morning.

“First of all, the local police as well as Hartselle police as well as other folks, they’ve coordinated with are going to help us do traffic control,” said Smith.

She says about 20 cars will be allowed in at a time, according to appointments.

“They are going to ask you if you have your paperwork done and if you do, that’s great,” said Smith. “You’ll take your card with ‘I had an appointment’ and you’ll go on in. If you don’t, they’re going to ask you just to sit in the car until you have the paperwork done. They will give it to you when you come in the entrance if you don’t have it.”

The packets were initially available at City Hall, but we have learned those packets will now be moved to the Decatur Police Department. Smith says the packets are also available at the Morgan County Courthouse and Health Department.

After all paperwork is complete, Smith says you’ll receive the vaccine.

You’ll need to stay there at least 15 minutes to be observed and then we’re going to let you go home,” she added.

The Morgan County Health Department will be giving around 150 vaccinations each day. Judy Smith says they intend to vaccinate every day for at least two weeks.

“If you don’t get it on Monday or Tuesday, we’re going to get you that vaccine if you want it,” said Smith. “You’ve hung on this long, please just be patient with us and let’s hang on a little bit longer.”

Besides the health department, Decatur Morgan Hospital will be distributing the vaccine, as well as Payless Pharmacy near the hospital.

Smith expects more pharmacies and doctors’ offices to provide vaccinations in the near future.

Along with the vaccine hotline, Governor Kay Ivey has confirmed the ADPH will be launching an online portal for COVID-19 vaccine registration in the near future.

ADPH said the COVID-19 vaccine hotline – (855) 566-5333 – reported more than 1.1 million calls the first day it was in operation, Friday, January 8.

Viewers continue to email and call News 19 reporting they are unable to schedule appointments due to either a busy signal or an inability to reach a person.

The hotline was started in response to an ADPH decision to expand the groups of people eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine.

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