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(WHNT) – Unvaccinated workers can expect to pay more for their health insurance premiums before the end of 2021.   

That’s according to Thomas Campanella Healthcare Executive in Residence at Baldwin Wallace University in Ohio. 

Campanella says he believes that companies who use self-funded health plans will raise their health insurance premiums for those who are not vaccinated against COVID-19. He says there is also evidence that larger insurance companies will start charging more as well.  

Starting in November, Delta Airlines announced that it will charge unvaccinated employees an extra two hundred dollars a month for the company health plan, citing the high cost of COVID hospitalizations. 

“The increased cost from a hospital states the in point of unvaccinated people as related to those services, was in this past year totaling 3.7 billion dollars. Obviously, there’s a lot of cost-related especially if you’re unvaccinated and they are more likely to get COVID and they get into the hospital setting and between ICU and ventilators it gets quite expensive,” Campanella explained. 

Campanella says he believes employers are not looking to penalize their employees for not being unvaccinated against COVID-19, but are looking for more ways to have a healthier workforce.