United States Postal Service back on the roads after nationwide winter storms


HUNTSVLLE, Ala.- The United States Postal Service is back out and delivering mail to all of Alabama.

Debra Fetterly a spokesperson for the USPS said, “Currently we are delivering mail and packages throughout the state, including the northwestern area of the state and our post offices are open”

So you will be seeing your mail, soon.

Businesses throughout the country have been impacted by the severe weather. Especially those who rely on the roads. Meaning you probably saw a delay in some of your mail or packages this week and are still waiting for their arrival.

Fetterly added that the USPS has been working around the clock to make sure packages are delivered. But, with the difficult weather much of the country has faced Fetterly says, “Although we are delivering, there is some impact nationwide to mail processing so packages that are anticipated may be a couple of days late.”

If you are noticing that some things are taking a bit longer you can call your local post office or the USPS Customer Call Center at 1 (800) 275-8777.

Fetterly mentioned, that if you do decide to call, give it ample time before doing so, “If customers have a little bit of patience. I know their packages are important to them but if they give us a couple of days I think they’ll find that our packages will be delivered.”

Currently, the USPS is staggering their employee’s schedules so you may want to keep an eye on your mailbox or phone on when packages will arrive, “So in that case customers may be getting their mail a couple of hours later than the usual time.”

USPS does offer a free service called informed delivery, where customers can sign up and be alerted about when their packages will arrive.

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