United Church of Huntsville, Huntsville Helping Hands help feed families affected by pandemic

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The United Church of Huntsville and Huntsville Helping Hands teamed up to help families during the COVID-19 pandemic. What they thought would only be a one-time food bank, ended up being a weekly occurrence.  

Since its start on March 21, nearly 10,000 people have been fed.

The Latino community is among those hardest hit during the pandemic. With places asking for extensive amounts of information to receive assistance, some families were left with little hope.  

“Due to lack of identification, or communication problems, or other issues, they aren’t getting service from local food pantries. They have no other resources,” said volunteer Alix Morehouse.

The United Church of Huntsville isn’t asking for documents. All you have to do is go to their Facebook page and message them or call to make an appointment. If you’re concerned about a language barrier, there are Spanish speaking volunteers that can assist.

The church does prefer monetary donations, so they can buy in bulk for distribution. You can write a check to the Disaster Relief Fund or donate to the Huntsville Helping Hands Covid19 Immigrant Fund.

It’s donations by the community that have kept the food bank open for over four months, Morehouse said.

“Incredible community-wide effort,” she said. “And we couldn’t do it without all that help. It’s teamwork. It’s everybody joining together and it’s been amazing to be part of this experience.” 

No matter who you are, the church and Helping Hands encourages anyone in need of assistance to stop by.

“Everybody who asks, we have not turned away anybody. Latino families, I don’t care if they’re white or African American, or green with purple stripes. If they’re hungry, we feed them,” Morehouse said.  

Although the food bank is their main project there are other projects in the works for the near future.  

“We’re looking to equip 100 immigrant students with school supplies before the school year starts,” Morehouse said.

If you’re interested in receiving assistance for your child or know someone who might need it, visit the Huntsville Helping Hands Facebook page for more information.

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