Udderly Adorable! Newborn calf looks a lot like KISS superstar Gene Simmons

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A newly born calf with rock star appeal may be singing for its supper in Texas.

The baby bovine bears a striking resemblance to KISS frontman Gene Simmons, and it’s just udderly adorable!

Genie the calf looks a lot like Gene Simmons of KISS

“We didn’t expect to see her. Her mom’s an old cow and hadn’t had a cow in three years, so we didn’t expect it at all,” explained Heather Taccetta.

Taccetta walked in on a bundle of bovine joy on Friday. “She’s spunky. She has a lot of energy, she kicks and pitches and runs and annoys the adults”.

And, from the moment the calf came into the world, there was something special about this one. “She’s one of the first calves we’ve had born with a face like this.”

But not just any face.

While celebrating the birth of a new calf, Caretakers noticed the familiar, yet famous markings “She has a face that resembles Gene Simmons, which is an added little treat.”

…With the pipes to match.

“Oh my gosh it looks like Gene Simmons!” The Hill Country Visitor’s Drew Taylor knew he had to share the news. Within hours, it spread across the world of social media. “I said, ‘guys, I don’t know if you’ve realized but this has kind of gone global.'”

Even the KISS icon joined in the fun.

Gene Simmons tweeted, ‘Folks, this is for real.'”

Only a few days old, this little calf reached rock star status. “It’s gone beyond our wildest dreams and we love it,” said Taylor

“She’s too unique and too special. We’re not getting rid of her. She has turned our world upside down and we love her,” said Taccetta.

Her owners say that it’s only fitting to name her Genie.

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