UAB researchers working on COVID-19 vaccine


Researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham are working on a potential COVID-19 vaccine. What they’re working on is a nasal spray vaccine, and right now, they tell our news partners at they’re testing its effectiveness on mice.

It’s a collaboration between UAB and Altimmune, a biopharmaceutical company based in Maryland. According to UAB, first, they will test the vaccine in mice to investigate the immune responses. This will happen at UAB. Later this year, Altimmune plans to start human trials.

According to UAB, the vaccine is called Adcovid and is a single-dose vaccine that is delivered by an intranasal spray. This vaccine is based off other nasal spray vaccines that Altimmune has developed, like the vaccine candidate for the flu.

Experts say that six labs at UAB will be used to work on this collaboration.
Testing and collecting the data is their highest priority so that Altimune can move on to the next step in the trial.

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