U.S. Senate candidate Shadrack McGill (R) discusses the election campaign

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(WHNT) – The U.S. Presidential election campaign has received a lot of press lately, but it’s not the only election up for grabs.  The race for the U.S. Senate is on with incumbent Richard Shelby (R) running for his sixth term against six other candidates.  WHNT News 19 will be dedicating Leadership Perspectives to hearing from all of the candidates about their views on the issues.  This week, Republican candidate and former Alabama state senator Shadrack McGill stopped by WHNT News 19 to let people know how he stands.

What exactly qualifies a person to be a viable candidate to become a Unites States Senator?  Shadrack McGill thinks that,  “One of the biggest problems we face in our nation is electing candidates who campaign on one thing but they get to Washington and they do something else.  And a lot of times the reason for voting another way is special interest groups, so I think one of the biggest problems we face in our nation is special interest groups dictating the votes, and so I think one of the things that sets me apart is my resistance to special interest groups.”

The people of Alabama expect certain things from elected officials.  Shadrack McGill believes that he has what the people are looking for, “I think they want conservative values at the forefront, and I think they want someone who will go to Washington and do as they say, and represent what they had said they would represent during their campaign. And honesty and integrity.”

View our entire conversation with Shadrack McGill, (R) U.S. Senate Candidate, here in three parts:

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