U.S. Senate candidate Ron Crumpton (D) talks about the 2016 election

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(WHNT) – The U.S. Presidential election campaign has received a lot of press lately, but it’s not the only election up for grabs. The race for the U.S. Senate is on with incumbent Richard Shelby (R) running for his sixth term against six other candidates. WHNT News 19 will be dedicating Leadership Perspectives to hearing from all of the candidates about their views on the issues. This week, Democratic candidate Ron Crumpton stopped by WHNT News 19 to let people know what his he thinks about the issues.

Ron Crumpton decided to run for Senate because, “One of the main reasons I decided to run is I was tired of seeing Republicans walk into office unopposed every year.  I basically made my decision to get into this race a little more than two years ago when nobody qualified to run against Jeff Sessions.”

One of Senator Shelby’s biggest arguments is that his longevity in the Senate brings a certain level of power and a certain level of influence, and certainly brings benefits back to the state of Alabama.  Crumpton feels that “Well, all due respect to the good Senator…he’s going to have to go sometime. We’ve got to get new blood in there at some point in time, and they’re going to have to build power. There’s always going to be a power vacuum in a change whether it happens now or happens a few years from now. that’s not a big difference. I think the fact that Senator Shelby has been in Washington for 30-years is more of a hindrance to him than a help. I think that he’s really lost perspective. I don’t think he really understands what’s going on in the lives of the people of the state of Alabama and I think we need somebody who’s a little more understanding about that.”

View our entire conversation with Ron Crumpton (D) here in three parts:

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